Audi Advanced driving experience

"It was a great day and a lot of fun. The instructors were awesome and the catering was beautiful. Thank you very much."

Daryl Van Der Graaf

The experience.

Taking driving from the everyday and placing an emphasis of car control and dynamics at speed, the Audi Advanced driving experience will take you to a new level of vehicle handling and control.

Over the course of a full day, Audi’s instructors will help you to hone your skills and develop a heightened sense of anticipation as you push your limits and those of the vehicles including A, Q and performance S models as well as the stunning Audi TT*.

Sharpening your reflexes and developing your skills the Audi Advanced driving experience will provide you with the tools to derive more enjoyment from your driving and whet your appetite for exploring vehicle performance at an even higher level.

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To participate in this course, you need a full Australian driver’s licence and must be at least 21 years old.

Program details.

  • Course Days

  • Course Cost

    (incl. GST)**
  • Skill Level

  • Training Vehicles

    From the A, Q and S model ranges
  • Driving Experience

  • Pre-requisites

    • - Full Australian driver’s licence / minimum 21 years of age
Audi advanced driving experience

Program skills.

  • Driver set-up

  • Timed steering slalom

  • Understeer / oversteer identification

  • High speed ABS emergency braking with obstacle avoidance

  • Full track lapping

*Specific models within the A, Q, S and TT ranges are subject to availability.
**Pricing is for course only. Excludes flight costs and any other travel-related, accommodation-related or other ancillary costs.